Finding my spinning mojo….

March 1, 2009

Well, I’m trying too. First attempt back at the wheel in nearly two years, and it’s amazing how fumbly/stumbly I felt. It took me at least 1/2 an hour to just get it all up and running again after having been *played* with by Stella time and time again!  Anyway, I dusted / polished / oiled and then began … it was soooo fun! While Rhiannon napped and Stella danced to the wiggles I managed a little ball of single strand merino/merino-silk blend yarn with some lovely fluff I got from Ashfords the other day. Tonight I knitted up a hat for Stella…. turned out lovely! The hat looks a bit weird in the photo – trust me, it’s cute 😉

And here’s Rhiannon  modelling a new raglan cardie made by Grandma

And her birthday cake which I was stupidly proud of… until we cut into it at playcentre and found it wasn’t cooked properly  😳  😳


Rhiannon is one today….

February 22, 2009

Well I really don’t know where that year went 😯

Lovely day – complete with picnic and fishing (not that she could join in that part…)

Oh – and I must include Stella in all her glory!


Yes… I have been very neglectful of my blog…. but I will be back with updates…. xxxxx


Wow I’m popular …..

January 14, 2009

Well no, not really…. but all of a sudden my blog has become a lot more “active”! I went looking for the source of the sudden HUGE influx of visitors to little old *me* and found that my blog has been picked up by a couple of networking sites – alphainventions.com and condron.us/blogroll.aspx.  The sites are pretty cool – I like that you can sit for a couple of minutes and see a sample of a whole lot of blogs I never, ever would have found otherwise – a couple I’ve bookmarked already!

So all you strangers passing by…. don’t forget to stop and say hello!


Selfish Knitting

January 13, 2009

I’ve decided (inspired by a bunch of the lovely TNN ladies) that this year is going to be the year of knitting for me! Enough of the longies and soakers and baby hats. It’s all about lovely, pretty (warm!) things for the mama. So I decided I’d start nice and easy. I had a lovely ball of Bendigo Woolen Mills  Rustic 12ply, in Spice Plum and found a lovely little pattern for a caplet that I *had* to try. It has turned out pretty well ….

Except that it’s a tiny bit on the small side…despite all of my complicated mathematical type jiggering of the pattern… and I’m not *in love* with it. So, sleeves still incomplete… tonight it will be frogged.

I’m planning to knit a wicked but need something quick and in 12ply to do first so I can use this lovely BWM first… so I think an easy, quick top down raglan sweater will be first on my to do list. I’m thinking of making some alterations to the pattern, maybe a ribbed neckline and I like the YO sleeve detail of the caplet … I’ll have a play around and see what I can come up with.

In the meantime everything is going well here. Kids are cute and enjoying summer … Rhiannon is crawling, and becoming more scrumptious by the day…



Cleaning up… and growing veges

January 9, 2009

Dad and family have been here *on holiday*… a term they will probably laugh at… more like a week long boot camp hahaha. In the week they were here a lot of progress was made…

Piles of trash were sorted, shipped out to the dump and to the scrap metal dealer leaving the space under the walnut tree virtually bare…(and far more kiddy friendly)

and behind the garage now only holds small piles of junk, instead of the HUGE piles of junk previously residing there….

Hubby has finished splitting the wood from the wattle and gum trees we had felled, just one last pile to stack in the wood shed. This is the spot where the Avery once stood, before it started it’s epic journey to the bottom of the paddock.

And Dad fixed up the raised beds in my vege garden area. The area at the back fence line only gets a little morning sun, so he shortened the beds for me. We’re going to pave the area along the back there and put in a potting table and seedling raising shelves… and maybe a nice bench seat or something so I can sit and watch my veges grow!

My stepmother (a good farm girl!) shoveled what must of been ten years worth of chook poos and old rotted straw out of the grotty old chook house and dug it into the garden beds … and because the new gardens looked very bare we trotted off to the garden centre and bought dozens of plants – beetroot, silverbeet, leeks, lettuces, spinach, zucchini etc to fill them up!

While they were here we had a classic *Canterbury breeze* come through… snapped a huge tree in the front corner of our neighbours section and sent it tumbling onto the phone lines outside our house…

I had to go out in the wind and do a little happy dance… it was a monster of a tree that we had worked out was going to be a real problem in winter – it’s position was going to block a good portion of our afternoon sun! We had been pondering how to approach our *very tree loving* neighbour about giving it a hair cut… and then mother nature came along and gave it a #2!


Some video for you

January 7, 2009

Kids on the tramp – check out Ethan’s somersaults:

And Rhiannon playing peak-a-boo…

And Stella being a *very delicate* fairy princess ….(excuse the messy house and wrecked mama in the background!)


Christmas Day Babies

December 27, 2008

Our grumpy old bantam managed to hatch her babies… in the washing basket… on Christmas day.

Yes – we did try to move her before they hatched… no it wasn’t successful at all! Anyway – we decided to leave her alone until the babies appeared, thinking if we moved her after they were hatched she wouldn’t leave them. Which turned out to be correct. So after all four of the chicks appeared Jason picked up mummy (while wearing gardening gloves – she has a nasty peck on her!) and I collected up the chicks and off we went to the new house.

The chicks are hilarious looking little things – Aracana / Silkie crossed – some have little rock star hairdo’s.

We’ve also learnt another big lesson – don’t put eggs under broody hens that are sharing a nest. It seems to have resulted in a ZERO hatch rate! When they’re turning their eggs they seem to shift eggs from one hen to another and I don’t think egg sharing works! I noticed that sometimes Henny would have 12 or so eggs and Bossy would have the rest, then the next day Bossy would have 15 and Henny only a few. But a couple of days ago I noticed that there were also some eggs sitting *between* the hens, rather than under them and while they were warmish – they weren’t warm enough. I popped them back under one of the girls at the time, but I think at some stage most of the eggs have probably ended up on the outer and have cooled too much 😦 never mind – you learn from these things….